3 Sep

AI gains momentum in war against money-laundering

The COVID-driven surge in financial crime leads to banks accelerating their use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to combat money-laundering.

27 Aug

How to become a technical business analyst

The industry expects a business analyst to apply technical lenses to a solution and overlay it with customer experience, says Edward Ngubane, head of business analysis at DVT.

Jul 30, 2021

Analytics giant SAS eyes IPO in 2024

The company expects to continue to bolster its strong financial foundation in the coming years as it prepares for a potential entry into the public markets.

Sep 1, 2020

The impact analytics can have on COVID-19

The effective use of data analytics can not only help to contain the spread of the disease, but also ensure medical supplies are sent to the right place and make contact tracing that much simpler.

Aug 27, 2020

Managing the uncertainty of a global pandemic

With advanced analytics and robust data, it becomes possible to study potential scenarios, optimise resources and better understand the impact of COVID-19 at a national, regional and local level.

Jul 6, 2020

Tackling the scourge of deepfakes

The manner in which deepfakes are being abused to sow discord means it is more vital than ever to apply analytics to identify these early.

Jun 22, 2020

The next release of SAS Viya introduces new category of analytics for the cloud

SAS Viya 4, available in late 2020, is engineered to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies.

Jun 19, 2020

KPMG, SAS collaborate to support faster cloud transformation for SAS clients

KPMG and SAS plan to establish Cloud Acceleration Centres with specific focus on North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Jun 18, 2020

SAS, Microsoft partner

The partnership supports the companies’ shared vision to further democratise AI and analytics.

May 22, 2020

Multifaceted approach to COVID-19 decision-making

Analytics can help medical establishments and governments to more accurately visualise, forecast and make informed decisions about the unique challenges created by crises.

Apr 14, 2020

Replacing feel with fact

Intelligence is very different to simple information, and analysis is the element that bridges the gap, says SAS.

Apr 9, 2020

SAS sounds a warning on open source governance

OSS development often lacks transparency and accountability that regulators expect, says SAS country manager Akesh Lalla.

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