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Metaverse heralds new paradigm of digital value

In the metaverse, digital asset transfers will take place on the blockchain through avatars (digital identities) and oracles (value intermediaries), birthing a new economic model.


Can we get rid of bias in artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence systems are the product of constructed algorithms that inherit many of the biases that help to perpetuate the global challenges we hope to solve.

Aug 18, 2021

Get ready to ride the social-commerce wave

The use of social networks in the context of e-commerce transactions sees the rise of internet sensation ‘Brother Pomegranate’ amid the growing global trend of rural entrepreneurship.

Lavina Ramkissoon
Conscious Creator I Trailblazer I Thought Leader

Ramkissoon, who writes in her personal capacity, is an AI mentor, strategist and trailblazer standing for the unification of the African tech space. She is a conscious tech proponent with expertise in strategy, technology and psychology, and their integration into AI, blockchain and ethics. This tech catalyst has roles as chairperson, director and founder across multiple industries, sectors and technologies − aiming to unlock the potential of the African AI arena.