Digitally transforming with the customer in mind

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The majority of businesses these days understand the need for digital transformation, an imperative that was brought home forcefully since the pandemic saw workforces being sent home virtually overnight.

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Strategies that were once meant for the long-term had to be hurried into place so that companies could operate in this new world of work. However, not all businesses understood how important taking a customer-centric approach to digital transformation really is.

While some may view digital transformation as a technology project, it isn’t. Simply implementing a slew of digital technologies will not transform any organisation, and they will end up being disappointed with the results.

The reality, is that digital transformation is as much about a mindset shift as it is about technology, and one that will help the business better serve its customers.

To unpack this idea, Steve Towers, (ACXC, CPPC), CEO & founder at BP Group, will be presenting an international keynote address on, “How to digitally transform with the customer in mind”, at the ITWeb CX Summit 2021, to be held as a virtual event on 20 October.

Recently named as one of the 30 most influential Global Customer Service Experts in 2021, Towers is passionate about helping people and businesses transform to better ways, with happier lives.

He is an experienced business transformation leader with over 40 years of success in driving and achieving organisational goals in both the private and public sectors in various key 'C' leadership and top-level consulting positions. He is recognised across industries including BPM, EA, CX, and LSS.

He founded the BP Group in 1992, with which he developed the world's first and premier network for BPM and customer experience professionals which is now In 124 countries with more than 130 000 members and affiliate offices in 13 countries.

Earlier in his career, he worked for Citibank, leading restructuring and business process transformation programs in the US, EMEA, and APAC.

Towers is an advisor to global leadership teams and sits on the steering groups of several leading companies. He is also a start-up investor and board member to several SAAS companies.

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