Uniconta SA appoints Somerset Squared as its first partner in SA

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Keith Mullan (Uniconta) Candi and Simon Somerset (Somerset Squared) Maria Mullan (Uniconta) and David Somerset (Somerset Squared) toast the signing of the Partner and ISV agreements between the two companies.

CEO for Uniconta SA Keith Mullan is pleased to announce the appointment of Somerset Squared as Uniconta's first partner in South Africa.

Mullan said: "Uniconta is expanding in South Africa and is looking to appoint highly skilled Uniconta partners to develop its market share in South Africa. This is a unique opportunity to start your own business with the backing of a major software vendor based in Denmark."

Uniconta has a generation of experience in the ERP vendor industry (see http://pressoffice.itweb.co.za/uniconta/profile.htm). While Uniconta is committed to providing full technical training to implement the ERP and CRM solution, the company is looking for partners that have the experience to provide that additional benefit expected by this more mature South African SME market.

On asking the management team of Somerset Squared why it had selected Uniconta as its preferred ERP product, the response was varied. Candi Somerset highlighted the benefits of the CRM and flow functionality, while David Somerset emphasised the big-business features already available in Uniconta. Simon Somerset said: "Uniconta is well suited to an SME wishing to expand their business without having to make the costly jump to a large ERP system. Uniconta has all the reporting and dashboards normally only available in more expensive ERP solutions."

The combined skills and experience of Somerset Squared is just what any well-managed business would look for when wishing to implement an ERP solution. Candi Somerset is a chartered management accountant (CIMA) with international experience in redesigning processes, internal control implementation and global regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Candi enjoys optimising processes and implementing the tools and applications to drive them.

Simon Somerset is a Mechatronics Engineer. He started off in the telecommunication industry and then moved to industrial automation, where he focused on system design and software development. He has international experience in automotive manufacturing, from the production line through to material flow control (MFC) systems. In answer to a question, Simon said: "My passion is big data and data analysis together with seeking out automation to improve business profitability."

David Somerset is a cost accountant who has over 30 years' experience in the IT industry, covering implementation, design, software development and support. "I have spent most of my working life assisting businesses with ERP processes in the areas of finance, distribution and manufacturing. I look forward to our first Uniconta implementation; it's easy to use and very well priced," said David.

For more information on Somerset Squared, contact Candi at candi@somersetsquared.com.

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