Industry Insight

A more human, holistic approach to driving IT value

Optimisation-as-a-service ensures companies embrace a culture of continuous optimisation across their technology estates, people and processes.


Embracing the three categories of business intelligence

Companies need to add experimental business intelligence to their curated and federated BI planning, as it’s a high-risk, high-reward arena in the data and analytics space.


How to make data science work for you

Data scientists should have experience in working with volumes of disparate data and an understanding of what a business truly needs from its data.


Who should you trust? Absolutely nobody

Zero Trust is a key principle in the increasingly boundary-less business world, as opening up the corporate network and IT estate has profound security implications.


Accelerate digital transformation with intelligent automation

Companies are reframing, rethinking and reimagining their activities and determining how to intelligently improve them, but there is a vital foundational first step.


New tech to the rescue in cyber security crisis

Cyber security is a constant growing concern for CIOs and CISOs, but the cavalry could be in sight, in the form of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

15 Oct

Incorporate young talent now to create the future

Creating a pipeline of future leaders should be a priority, but the challenges faced by companies recruiting a diverse entry-level talent pool are quite stark in SA.

14 Oct

Shift right or shift left: The testing dilemma

CIOs need to understand why continuous testing, as part of DevOps, is set to play an important role in delivering better apps, faster.

13 Oct

The dynamic of extending security into the cloud

Digital transformation threats erode the security perimeter into a virtual and dynamic concept, rather than fixed infrastructure at specific locations.

12 Oct

Critical infrastructure is now in cyber criminals’ crosshairs

Importantly, a weapon – or, more accurately, a collection of weapons – is gaining ground over traditional network security concepts.

8 Oct

Metaverse heralds new paradigm of digital value

In the metaverse, digital asset transfers will take place on the blockchain through avatars (digital identities) and oracles (value intermediaries), birthing a new economic model.

6 Oct

Visualising data spatially for a clearer view of your world

Spatially-visualised data provides a level of granularity that hasn’t been possible with standard data analysis techniques.

5 Oct

Lean start-up cycle: Modern measuring with monitoring, metrics

To strive towards perfection, we must first measure and validate, but it’s easy to get lost in the noise of potential metrics competing for our attention.

29 Sep