Industry Insight

Low-code: The jet fuel of agile adoption

Low-code capabilities circumvent lengthy development cycles and rigid legacy systems to rapidly produce new applications that meet immediate business needs.


Internet of things: The ‘things’ are getting smarter

Greatly increased computing power, cloud technology, machine learning and autonomous decision-making are revolutionising the role devices play in our lives.


Guardians of product performance track app development step by step

Performance engineering is transforming software development and the job descriptions of all those engaged in it, ensuring consistent production performance results.


Controlling technology spend during an epidemic

COVID-19 turned technology expense management on its head, as business resilience faced its toughest test when excessive spending was not an option.


Women want to be decision-makers in tech revolution

The business world must become more welcoming and safer for women, so they can go all the way from the classroom to the boardroom, in all sectors, including technology.

26 Jul

POPIA in force: A win-win for business and customers

Both companies and customers benefit when firms are POPIA compliant and secure permission to contact customers, as this ensures a target of willing clients.

23 Jul

The rise and fall of data architecture

There is a long way to go to regain trust in architecture. For this to be possible, we need business to change how it perceives data architecture.

22 Jul

The business value proposition of performance engineering

As software scales in complexity, companies recognise that performance engineering and testing are essential DevOps processes, but performance is not only about speed.

21 Jul

Internet of things: Getting the billing basics right

While the internet of things (IOT) offers huge opportunities for economic growth and job creation, IOT vendors must ensure they have a disciplined handle on costs.

20 Jul

Traditional storage is no longer an option

Many organisations are seeing the benefits of adopting scale-out immutable storage solutions that eliminate many issues afflicting traditional data storage methods.

19 Jul

Don’t drive your Ferrari down a dirt road

In our connected world, the network is the business, so be proactive and ensure it is in tip-top shape, as it should be seen as a competitive differentiator.

16 Jul

Is it worth taking the chance on online betting?

Locally, online sports betting is legal, as long as the website offering it is registered with one of the provincial gambling bodies, so do your homework first.

15 Jul

Why businesses need to start upskilling with data science

With pressure mounting on companies to embrace data science as a culture rather than a function, businesses are facing a challenge they never quite anticipated.

14 Jul