Barcodes and RFID
9 hours ago

How barcodes help save lives

Hospitals are set to develop more and more advanced technology when it comes to barcodes and the way in which they can be used, says Buy Barcodes.


Bidvest Mobility expands its service offering to meet supply chain demands

The demand for enterprise mobility solutions across the supply chain has increased over the last 18 months.


Electronic vaccine passports on the cards for SA

President Cyril Ramaphosa confirms the health department is considering various mechanisms to show vaccination status, including digitally.


Electoral commission readies tech for voter registration day

The Independent Electoral Commission acquires 40 000 new voter management devices, to facilitate instantaneous voter registration and verification.

2 Sep

Avaya invests in Journey

The Journey digital trusted identity platform, integrated with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS offerings, enables enterprises to interact and transact with customers securely.


Facebook becomes member of digital identity alliance

The social media giant joins the ID2020 Alliance, as it looks to build on standards for digital identity that are secure and privacy-centric.

Aug 16, 2021

The need for barcodes in the retail industry

Barcodes have all but removed the risk of human error at the point of sale, says Barcode Solutions.


FNB accelerates contactless payments with Apple Pay

First National Bank joins its counterparts by rolling out Apple Pay for its customers amid increased adoption of contactless payments. 

Aug 2, 2021

White paper: Biometrics for telecoms

Improving customer authentication and fraud prevention.


Managing stock availability better for post-protest recovery

When business interruption was unavoidable, more than 5 million electronic shelf labels at over 530 stores helped some retailers get back on track faster and more accurately, says Hendrik Bredenkamp, GM of NEC XON Retail.


Instant ID as a service (IIDaas)

IIDaas enables the convergence of digital and physical user credentials by enabling digital tokens on the user’s smartphone, smart watch or any other mobile device.

Jul 22, 2021

Telco industry must deploy a solution against identity, SIM swap fraud

Mobile service providers use remote liveness detection, biometric identification and SIM binding to stop identity theft.